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 Asahi Uchida, Civilian | Radio Host | Natsu Sato
Asahi Uchida
 Posted: Mar 5 2017, 08:16 AM
23 is N/A
Civilian years old
Technology Sight

Asahi Uchida
Natsu Sato / Himitsu
male / he, his, him
Radio Host / Information Broker
Ai Mikaze from Uta Prince no Sama


Technology Sight

Asahi has the ability to see technology. Whatever is on the screen of the electronic device Asahi can see it above the device. He doesn't need to look at the screen. His quirk works with any device that is on.

1) Asahi cannot turn off his quirk.
2) His quirk only works if the electronic if turned on.
3) He can only see what is on the screen.
4) Asahi has to be able to see the device. (If a solid wall was between him and a computer he can't see it)
5) Only ways for him to "turn off" his quirk are:
  • wear his specially made glasses
  • go to sleep
  • turn off electronics

Tokyo Medical Hospital
Age - brith
name: あさひ (Asahi)
pronounce: ah-sah-hee
gender: masculine
usage: Japanese
meaning: ray of light on the shore, daybreak rising, morning sunshine, big rising sun, bright rising


Birth Certificate

Name:           UCHIDA  ASAHI              Sex:     MALE   
Place:           TOKYO              Tokyo Prefecture,  Japan
Date:     FEBRUARY  8,  1993      Time:     6:36  AM   
Father:                       UCHIDA  TAKEHIKO                     
Mother (Maiden Name):       YAMAMOTO  REIKO     

Doctor's Office
Age - 6
"Here, try these."

Asahi took the glasses from the doctor. They looked like ordinary glasses. It was a simple metal frame. The lens looked like normal glass. There was a slight orange tint to them. Asahi put the glasses on. Asahi looked around the room. The glasses seemed to do nothing.

"Now I want you to take a look at my phone," the doctor held his cell phone up. The doctor had it so Asahi couldn’t see the screen. "Can you tell me what’s on my phone?"

Asahi stared at the phone. No way. He couldn't believe it. He could not see what on the phone. In Asahi's disbelief he took off the glasses. Instantly, he could see the messages the doctor and his wife had sent each other. He put the glasses back on. The messages disappeared. A huge smile was plastered on Asahi's face. "No, I can't." Asahi could finally "turn off" his quirk.

Principal's Office
Age - 15
Apparently, the use of one's quirk to spy on teachers when they log in to the online grade book was a no-no. Using the log ins and passwords to change one's grades and three other's grades equaled suspension. Asahi sat in the principal's office. His parents had arrived and were furious.

Three pairs of eyes watched him as they waited for an answer. There was no way for Asahi to get out of this was to talk. "It wasn't my idea. Shinge, Simon, and Haru talked me in to. It's not like I wanted to spy on the teachers." Was that true? Was it just a cover story? Or did Asahi really wanted to spy on people and never had the guts to do it. It was true Asahi never thought to use his quirk to obtain log ins and passwords. But now the seed was planted.

His punishment was suspension plus the punishments his parents gave him. Asahi had learned his lesson. If he was going to spy on people he needed to be much more discreet about it.

Uchida's Home
Age - 20
Asahi collapsed on the futon. He was exhausted. These mandatory family get togethers took a toll on Asahi. Being in a house with all his siblings usually equaled chaos. Plus, Asahi was in the middle of his siblings. He had the older nagging siblings and the annoying younger siblings. But, it was family. And each Uchida had their own way of showing affection.

But when things slow down, Asahi really enjoys the present of his family. Even if he had no space to stretch out. Asahi was squished between two of his brothers. Asahi wasn't going to complain. Back at his apartment it was just him. It wasn't until after the family get together did Asahi realized how "empty" his apartment was. It always took Asahi a few days to adjust back to his living arrangement. In the mean time Asahi was going to appreciate what he had.

Kyo Radio Station
Age - 22
name: Natsu Sato
occupation: radio host

He looked over the piece of paper he was given. Asahi grabbed his headphones and placed them back on his head. He was going to be back on the air once the song finish. Asahi waited for his cue before he spoke, "Welcome back. That as Magic by AAA. There are reports of a fire downtown. Firefighters are on the scene," Asahi read off the paper. "So, if you are heading downtown please be careful." He casted the paper aside for it was no longer needed.

"It is time to announce the winner of the gift card give away. The gift card is 6,000 yen to Shibuya 109. The winner is, drum roll please," Asahi pushed a button for a sound effect drum roll. "The winner is Haruna, Momoka. Congratulation, Miss. Haruna."

"It's that time, already? I'm out of time for today. Where did it all go? I love talking to you. And time just flies by. I'm going to leave you with Flower by Shouta, Aoi. Until next time, this is Sato, Natsu signing off."

Asahi waited for the music to start playing before he took off the headphones. He leaned back in his chair. Another show done.

Back Alley
Age - 22
name: Himitsu
occupation: information broker

Asahi hid his face behind a generic white mask. The deep hood covered his hair. He didn't want anyone to know who Himitsu really was. If people knew Himitsu's identity Asahi would be in a heap of trouble. There were some people out that that wanted Himitsu out of the picture. Plus, the police would probably wanted him arrested because he aids villains. But Himitsu wasn't just aiding villains. Himitsu will take what ever client who can pay his price.

Asahi waited for his client in the shadows. His client should be arriving any moment now. It was the meeting time. Footsteps were approaching. Asahi looked in the direction of the footsteps. His client was here.


Asahi nodded his head. Himitsu was a man of few words.

"You have what I want?"

Asahi reached into his inside pocket of his jacket. He pulled an envelope out with two fingers. He showed it to the client. "You have the money?" Asahi wasn't worried about someone recognizing his voice. His mask had a voice changer.

The client showed Asahi the money roll.

It was a clean trade. Neither one of them tried to pull any tricks. Asahi counted the money. It was all there. Asahi always liked when the trades were simple and easy. He wished all his trades were like this one.


 Posted: Mar 9 2017, 10:36 AM
n/a is N/A
Admin years old


Time to do claims.

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