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 Posted: Aug 20 2016, 04:07 PM
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Site Plot

Decades ago the first "super-human" was born in China. A baby that gave off light. After that, more and more people started exhibiting abilities beyond that of humans. No one had discovered the source of it, but these powers, or Quirks, became a part of every day life. Now eighty percent of the human population has some sort of quirk.

With this new found power, some took advantage of it and took to crime. But heroes surfaced, and governments now pay heroes with licenses for their service as a credible profession. There are schools around the world that teach people to hone their Quirks and do something great with them. Yuuei Academy is a high school in Japan that has become famous world wide for it's ability to produce great heroes.

Will you be the next generation to bring peace to this world?

Hero Quirks is a Boku no Hero Academia non-canon AU. Yuuei Academy has become an international school, accepting exceptional kids from across the world. We are character driven and focus on students developing into the people they wish to become.

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