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 Posted: Aug 19 2016, 05:39 PM
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01. Respect It's a given. Be nice to each other. Characters can fight and hate each other, but keep it in character. Just be nice, make friends, and we'll all have a fun time, okay?

02. PG-13 The site should be kept at pg-13 please. Your character can curse, but please make it tasteful. Fighting and violence is allowed, this is a hero and villain site after all. But don't go overboard, especially if the victim of the action's player didn't want them to get that hurt. As for sexual content just fade to black, leave it implied, or take it to another site. No one wants to be reading a thread and all the sudden there's some horizontal happy-slappy going on.

03. No god modding/power playing/meta gaming If you don't know what this means, it means attacks will not automatically land a hit. If you're in a fight don't put "He punched him hard in the jaw" that's implying you already hit them and they have no chance to counter. Instead write "He swung a his fist towards his jaw." It tells you what he's doing and where he's aiming. If the other play wants, it will connect, if not they can counter. On the flip side of this, your character should not be capable of dodging and withstanding everything that's thrown at them. Every hit can't miss too. It also means that your character can't automatically know something that you, the player, knows. If they were never told that their opponent is weak to water, they can't just know and splash them with a bucket full of it. Let's be reasonable and fair in writing out our fights.

04. Animanga Here at HQ all face claims must be animanga. We allow characters of games, animation both 3d and 2d, and manga to represent our characters. We also allow original art. If you're using someone else's art please get their permission before taking it. We also ask that if using original art that you also have a proper face claim that resembles them so we have graphics when doing banners, otms, and other designs.

05. Registration When registering enter the character's first and last name in proper casing like so: Mary Sue. It's one character per account, so when you want to make a new character you have to make a new account.

06. Characters You're first three characters are free to make whenever you want. After that your next character requires at least five in character posts from each of your previous characters. You can have as many as you'd like, just make sure you can keep them active.

07. Application The application should be placed in the Registry board. Please state if it is WIP (Work in Progress). If you post a WIP application you have ten days to complete it. We will give extensions under appropriate circumstances. When finished, remove the WIP in the title and we will look at it as soon as we can.

08. Activity We will have monthly activity checks on the tenth of every month to the seventeenth. You're character has to have an in character post since the last activity check in order for them to be considered active. If not, we will retire the character, but you will be able to reapp them if you wish.

09. In-character threads All in-character threads should be written in past tense third person. For example: Miguel walked in to the room and saw a monkey.

10. Mini-profile Mini-profile needs to be filled out before your character is accepted.

11. Tags When you create a thread please tag it. If it is for a certain character tag with that character's name. If it is open for anyone to join in please mark it open. You can put the tag in the title of the thread or in the description.

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