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 The List, Open
Myrl Vasi
 Posted: Oct 10 2017, 02:10 AM
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Student years old
Bubble Gum

Some items just can't be purchased right outside of school or in the local stores. As vexing as that is, some pilgrimages must be made. Myrl patted herself down to ensure she got everything needed. Allowance money, store map, comfortable walking shoes, and a new hat. Confident that she got everything, all that was left was the list. Late the previous night she stayed up to make a list of all the things she wanted and saw going for sale to make appropriate markings on her Tokyo map. Tokyo is a place of all the better stores and neat shops that temptation was .

"Alright! Here we go!!"


Arriving off the terminal train, she expected good weather. GREAT even! Instead what greeted Myrl were the rolling of clouds coming off the bay and already swelling to threaten rain. "Ugh, summer rains," she bemoaned and quickly went to buy a rain poncho from the station vendor before heading out. Just because there is rain doesn't mean her shopping is at a loss.

The skies began opening up the flood gates and started to pour heavily from the get-go as Myrl made it off the last steps of the terminal The girl crammed her sun brim hat under the bright yellow rain poncho's hood and headed out with the crowd to find the underground mall to get Intel on the hobby craft stores about the newest model guns coming in. Oh! and some new shampoo and conditioner while she's at it from the styling salon.
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