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Kyosuke Hoshino


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Aug 31 2017, 12:00 PM
Thud! Thud! Thud!

The rhythmic sound reverberated throughout the training room as Kyosuke struck the sandbag repeatedly. Punch, punch, elbow, kick. Punch, punch, elbow, kick. He changed his combination a bit, and went at it again.

But barely five minutes in, he was tired of it.

Not physically tired, but just... bored. The teen glared at the inanimate sandbag, which was swinging lazily from the impact of Kyo's last kick, utterly oblivious to his exasperation.

Even though training alone wasn't the best way to improve, Kyo still preferred this over sparring. Apart from his potentially dangerous quirk, there was also the risk of accidentally injuring his opponent. With a heavy sigh, the teen flopped down on the ground and stared blankly at the ceiling. His mind was clearly somewhere else instead today.

@Yusuke Uehara
Aug 26 2017, 11:20 AM
On hot and sweltering days like this, nothing was more satisfying than an ice-cold can of isotonic drink.

Slotting the last coin into the vending machine with a satisfying thunk, Kyosuke pressed the button and waited. He could hear something inside the machine move and tumble… and then nothing. That was curious. He hunkered down and lifted the flap near the base of the machine and peered inside. Nope, no canned drink in sight. Frowning, he reached into the machine and fished around, but found nothing.

He looked up and saw a piece of paper pasted on the front of the machine. There was a line of text, printed in a boring, black font: 'For your own safety, please do not kick or shake the vending machine.'

How effective.

Standing up, Kyosuke took a step back. He glanced around him, and found that there was nobody in the vicinity. And with that, he gave the vending machine a solid kick. Dislodged by the force, the stuck can tumbled noisily – far too noisily in fact – and fell into the collection compartment below. Satisfied, the teen reached into the machine again…

… and found not one, but three cans.

Maybe he shouldn't have kicked that hard, he thought to himself as he fished all three cans out. He glanced around him again, this time round to see if there was anyone he could give out the extra cans to.

@Aiko Tsukihime
Aug 23 2017, 06:02 AM
Kyosuke's Twin Sister

I'm looking for someone to play as Kyosuke's younger twin sister. I'm keeping things vague except for a few specific details about her quirk. The playby is also fixed as Sakura Li from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Apart from those, feel free to interpret the character in any way you like: name, personality, pretty much almost everything. If there's anything you'd like to discuss or clarify, please PM me!

Quirk: Twins Effect 'Yang'
Kyosuke and his twin sister possess the Twins Effect quirk: Kyosuke has the 'Yin' version while his sister has the 'Yang' version. Her quirk should, like her mother's, revolve around energy manipulation, and be channelled using her hands (in contrast to Kyosuke's quirk which must be channelled using his legs). Her quirk can reach its full power when Kyosuke pours his own power into her (and in the process he temporarily loses the use of his quirk), and she either gains additional abilities or simply gets a straight upgrade to her quirk.
Aug 23 2017, 02:24 AM
Haruo Sasaki. It was a familiar name to Kyosuke, even if the two had never spoken to each other. He had only seen Haruo from a distance, flirting with some of his classmates. For some reason their paths had never crossed before, until today.

Awkwardly trying to hide the box of chocolates he was holding, the teenager arrived at the jam-packed cafeteria. The lunch crowd had already arrived and wasn't going to thin out soon, a complication Kyo had expected. Instinctively he made his way to one corner of the cafeteria and began his search, systematically covering each and every row of tables while keeping his eyes peeled for his target. The sheer number of students made it difficult for him to pass through certain bottlenecked areas, but managed to squeeze past quickly enough with a bright smile and liberal use of "excuse me", "sorry" and "thank you".

Surely it wouldn't be that hard to find someone with green hair amidst all the people here! He was starting to doubt that Haruo was here until he caught sight of him at the next row of tables. Keeping an eye on Haruo, Kyo hurriedly made his way through the crowd. Without warning, the box of chocolates snagged onto something (or someone?), and slipped from his grip. "Dammit!" he cursed as he watched the box tumble onto the ground. Another student – oblivious to the box on the ground – was mere moments away from stepping on it. Putting in a small burst of speed, Kyo managed to snatch the box and rescue it before it was crushed, but not without lightly bumping into that student. "Sorry, sorry!" he apologised profusely, and quickly slipped off.

Kyo finally arrived at the table Haruo was at without further incident. "Sasaki-san?" he asked, using formal language since they weren't acquainted with each other. "My classmate, Yoshi-san, is too shy to meet you and got me to pass this to you instead," he added, setting the box of chocolates down on the table. While the box was small, it was painstakingly and wrapped with light pink paper and secured with an origami sakura blossom. A small note, in the shape of a green leaf, was attached to the flower.

"I don't know what you said or did, but Yoshi-san is utterly smitten with you. Not to sound rude or anything, but please don't break Yoshi-san's heart." His lovestruck classmate was a sensitive soul, and he would hate to see Yoshi upset.

Aug 21 2017, 04:03 AM



Kyosuke can be a little shy and introverted, but he tries his best to talk to and get to know other people. It helps that he's a sincere and cooperative guy so generally speaking people are nice to him as well. While he spends a lot of time with his sister, he has his own circle of friends, a small close knit group he has grown to trust and rely on.

Due to the potentially destructive nature of his quirk, Kyosuke is very cautious when using his quirk, and fears that he might accidentally injure others. Consequently he's quite a terrible sparring partner as he always pulls his punches.


The sure fire way to earn Kyosuke's ire is simply to offend his twin sister. Even merely entertaining that thought is enough to get a spot in his "To Kick in the Face" list. As the child of a Pro Hero and a retired vigilante, Kyosuke knows what's ethical and morally right, and abhors those whom he believes are in the wrong, especially those who perform deeds that are technically lawful but morally wrong. He's also surprisingly grudgeful when he feels that someone is taking advantage of his easygoing nature, though he's equally quick to forgive those who offended him.

There's a particular villain Kyosuke is looking for: the one who ambushed his aunt and caused her to fall into a coma. The identity of this villain reminds unknown, but he hopes he will one day hunt down the villain and punish him or her accordingly.


The main issue with being an overprotective elder brother is that Kyosuke fusses over his twin sister too much and the idea of dating someone hasn't crossed his mind at all. Still, the knife cuts both ways: someday he might meet someone who makes him want to to protect, just like how he watches over his sister.
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