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Born: 20 February 1995
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Character's age: 23
Pronouns: he/him
Member group: staff
Gif: https://i.imgur.com/Jx2kjYq.gif
Quirk: bright light
Relationship status: single
Sexuality: bisexual
Occupation: english teacher
Alias: apollo
App: http://heroquirks.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=886
Shipper: n/a
Joined: 22-September 17
Status: (Offline)
Last Seen: Nov 17 2017, 12:06 PM
Local Time: Jul 20 2018, 10:13 AM
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Oct 8 2017, 02:07 PM

Zayne Callahan // Apollo // 23 // English Teacher


When it comes to friends, Zayne has no shortage of them. Most people find him very easy to get along with, provided they aren't put off by his carefree and sometimes lazy attitude towards life. He's also very oblivious, and probably considers a lot of people his friends who don't actually like him very much due to this.


Anyone too uptight who tries to make him work too hard and stresses him out. He doesn't like to be pushed too hard and overloads emotionally very easy.
Sep 22 2017, 09:13 PM
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<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td> <div style="padding: 20px;"><div class="appgif">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/BZPQVFA.gif">

<div class="appd">ALIAS:
<div class="appd2">APOLLO</div> </div>
<div class="appd">AGE:
<div class="appd2">TWENTY THREE</div></div>
<div class="appd">BIRTHDAY:
<div class="appd2">03/22/1994</div></div>
<div class="appd">GENDER:
<div class="appd2">MALE HE/HIM</div></div>
<div class="appd">OCCUPATION:
<div class="appd2">ENGLISH TEACHER</div></div>
<div class="appd">MEMBER GROUP:
<div class="appd2">STAFF</div></div>
<div class="appd">FACE CLAIM:
<div class="appd2">ALFRED F. JONES</div></div>
<div class="appd">PLAYER:
<div class="appd2">JOSEPH</div></div> </td>

<td><div class="appword"><div class="appword2">

<div class="appd"> Name: Bright Light</div>
<div class="appd">Description:</div> His body naturally produces light at all times, causing him to slightly glow. He can use this to illuminate dark areas and also manipulate and harden his own light to generate shields and weapons. He can control how bright the glow is and the stronger the brightness is the the more effective his shields and weapons are.
<div class="appd">Weaknesses:</div> His brightness is tied directly to his emotions, if he becomes too overloaded or distressed his light will flash brightly before shutting off from anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. His light can only be projected out to a 20 foot range from himself and anyone with a light based quirk can take advantage of the light he produces, whether they are friend or foe. Staying at a high brightness for too long can easily exhaust him.
<hr />

Zayne always dreamed of being a superhero, even from a young age, growing up in New York City. The glitz and glamour of a life adored by the public was his main draw, and saving people from bad guys was just a plus added onto that. Always a bright and energetic child, when his flashy quirk manifested, it only helped his popularity, and he coasted through school until he came to the hero academy mostly on his good looks and charm. Because of this, despite his hyper energy, he developed quite a bit of a lazy streak that even the grueling challenges of the hero program never quite rid him of.

Still, he was signed on as a superhero under the name Apollo and quickly became popular worldwide, especially among women, a hero known for his carefree attitude, charming laugh, and dazzling smiles as well as hes known for dating supermodels both male and female and being the slightest bit shallow and superficial.

It was due to his popularity that they requested he teach the English class at Yuuei Academy, a job which he gladly accepted to spread his name more to the other side of the world, provided they let him continue his hero work in the meantime. Being a new hero, he's still quite naive and doesn't take most things seriously, still using his ability to charm his way out of most situations to his advantage and deeply holding the belief that people are good at heart. His lackadaisical, almost slackerish, attitude often earns him more enemies than friends among the staff, but the students are fond of him as he teaches in a very fun and down to earth way and he often gives them extensions for their homework and assignments, not wanting to push them too hard.
<a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=15286"><div style="font-size: 8px; font-weight: bold; font-family: karla; text-align: center; padding-top: 5px;">TOM HARDY MADE ME THIS BRACELET</div></a></center>[/dohtml]
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