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 School Information
 Posted: Aug 24 2016, 08:07 PM
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School Info

The students will all be attending Yuuei Academy. Because this is a non-canon site, we have taken some creative liberties, and added and changed certain things about the school.

First of all, Yuuei is a prestigious school in Japan, and has become known world wide for teaching great generations of heroes. As such they started accepting students on an international level. Kids from all over the world apply to attend this school.

Another difference from the canon school is that it accepts students starting at the age of thirteen. They teach and train the kids for five years until they are eighteen. This is because highschool starts at different ages in different countries, and it's simpler that trying to match that up with other education systems.

The school's classes are still Japanese based. If your character is in 1-A, they will have all their subjects will be held in room 1-A with the teachers coming to them. Even so, students are encouraged to intermingle with the other classes. The class number represents what year they are in. As such age and year are put together like so:
Year 1 students are 13 to 14 years old
Year 2 are 14 to 15
Year 3 are 15 to 16
Year 4 are 16 to 17
and year 5 of course is 17 to 18

In the class name the letter (the A in 1-A) signifies what department the student is in. Departments include the ever famous and most difficult to get into hero department but also includes department of support which is known for making the heroes' costumes and devices that aid them in the field. There is also the department of management that teaches how to excel in the world of business as well as how to manage a professional hero. And of course there is the general department. This one offers an average highschool education, and has the largest amount of students. Classes are divided as such:
Classes A-B are hero
Classes C,D, and E are general
Classes F,G, and H are support
And classes I,J, and K are management
Generally the closer to A your class is, the "better" the class (i.e. Class F is known as the best class of support students)

Subjects in the morning, no matter which department your character is in, are basic education subjects (math, science, language arts, etc.). In the afternoon the classes then do their department specific lessons. Many teachers will teach a couple classes due to the large population.

Yuuei Academy is a boarding school. All kids, whether their homes are down the block or over in Sahara desert will live in the dorms. Dorms are divided by what department they are in (classes A and B share a dorm building and so on). Each dorm is six stories tall, the ground floor having a lounge area, kitchen, nurse's office, baths, and laundry room. The first floor holds the first year students, second holds second years, and so on and so forth. On the left wing is the boys' side of the dorms and on the right is the girls'. It's two people per a room which provides two beds, desks, a dresser, and a closet.

The school's security is tight to keep press and villains alike away. Students, staff, and any visitors must carry IDs on them at all times while on the grounds. There are sensors places all around the school to scan the IDs. Anyone without an ID with set off the alarms, and a barrier built into the main fence with rise up and block anyone from coming in or out.

All teachers must have four years experience in their field before becoming a teacher. In other words, no teachers under the age of twenty-two. Many staff members may be local heroes who's towns have quieted down, or even retired heroes.

 Posted: Mar 15 2017, 03:53 PM
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School Year

The school year starts in April and ends in March. The school year is divided into trimesters. There are vacations in between the trimesters. Students and staff are welcomed to stay at the dorms during the vacations.

First Trimester
Early April to late July

Second Trimester
Early September to late December

Third Trimester
Early January to late March

Summer Vacation
Late July to end of August

Winter Vacation
Late December to early January

Spring Vacation
Late March to early April

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